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Monday, October 26, 2009

Yeah.... Wrong again.

So my son is like a dog. He likes to squirrel things away to find later.  This can include sippy cups with milk in them.

Yep.. you guessed it.  He found one yesterday.

He took a couple of good pulls from it before Beth or I could get it away from him.  This was about 3pm yesterday.  After going all day without puking, crapping, or mixing the two... we thought we had dodged a bullet.

Yeah... wrong again.

About 3am I woke up to the Little Man crying.  It was no big deal to me... he's been pushing a molar through for the past couple days... so I went in to pick him up, give him a pat on the back, turn Pooh back on and go back to bed.  I knew something was wrong when I walked in the room and smelled what I thought was a ripe diaper.

Yeah... wrong again.

Turned the light on and noticed what looked to be cottage cheese on his forehead.  Upon further inspection, found more of this unidentifed cottage cheese on his sheets.  VOMIT!!!

Oh no!

Now... you can poop on me, pee on me, leak your bodily fluids on me, and I'm fine. A little digusted, but fine.

Puke on me?!? There's gonna be trouble.

So... 2-3 taps later on the wall and Beth had joined me in Jr's bedroom.  I left Little Man in her care, stripped his bed and brought it downstairs to rinse in the sink and start laundry.  She started a bath and put him in it.  After the bath was over, we diapered-dressed him and brought him into the living room with us.  He immediately got off my wife's lap and began playing with his toys.  After 20 or so minutes of watching him play - chase the cats - laugh/smile, we thought it was a one time shot and he was doing better.

Yeah... Wrong again.

About an hour later I woke up to what I thought were intense coughing sounds.

You guessed it - wrong again.

More cottage cheese looking stuff, mixed with the mandarin oranges and some of the noodles we had given him the previous day.  I'm thinking by this time... "I'm pretty sure I'm gonna puke soon.  I better find a recepticle for this so we aren't cleaning up a bigger mess." Luckily, I was able to get through this second episode with only mild gagging, however I was quickly losing my reserves.  So... another sheet/pajama change later, he was back in bed for what I was hoping would be the last time that night.

Yeah.... Wrong again.

One more puking episode... One more change of sheets... One more change of pajamas... he was back in the living room playing with his cars.

After a few minutes of playing he began showing signs of being tired, so back to bed we went.  Again... hoping this would be the last time.

Yeah... wrong again.

I woke up to the most horrible noise a father could wake up to.  Some one had snuck into my home, grabbed a dull knife from the kitchen, and was torturing my son with it in his bedroom.  I quickly threw off the covers and raced to his room.  I found my wife attempting to hold a squirming little boy who wanted no part on either one of us.  He was kicking, squirming, screaming, and just causing general mahem.

We brought him to the livingroom and put him down on the floor, where he continued to wail and thrash around - something I had never seen before.  He would not respond to my voice and was acting like I wasn't even there.  After several more long minutes, I was becoming quite concerned.  Then... just as quickly as it started, it stopped.  My wife and I looked at each other, looked at Reece and thought, "well, what ELSE could happen tonight?"

After putting him to bed once again, we began digging into the "What to expect - toddler years" book.  Turns out Reece was having a possible night terror.  We learned from the book not to interact (that includes any touching except to keep him safe) with him as this will prolong the terror.  The child will seems awake, however will not recognize you and will attempt to "get away" from whatever is spooking him.

It is now about noon and he is still sleeping.  Beth and I are exausted but are afraid to go back to sleep due to the fact every time we do, he pukes, craps, or has a night terror.

Its gonna be a looooong day.

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  1. Yikes, that was really bad, I thought for sure you were going to say you took him to the hospital!
    That video you just showed was wild. Crazy commercial! I wonder how many he sells or doesn't sell!


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